Aequor Inc. is a woman-owned small business (3 employees) without IT or security personnel. We won a DOD contract in 2021and started the steps to comply with the NIST 171 security Level 1 requirements to ensure the physical security of our office and lab and the security of our data.

We soon realized that the NIST 171 requirements are not simple and go far beyond attending webinars. They are extremely difficult to unpack and expensive to fulfill – especially for a small business like ours.

We are very grateful that we were able to work with 171Comply. Mike Olivier and his team were extremely patient with us to both explain the system security plan criteria and provide training, guidance, templates and model documents so that we could progress down the long (seemingly endless) compliance requirements in a step-by-step manner. Only thanks to this clear, methodical approach have we been able to fulfill the hundreds of Level 1 requirements and we have started Level 2.
Marilyn Bruno, CEO