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The 171Comply Acceptable Use Policy


The purpose of the policy in the System Security Plan )SSP) is to outline the company’s acceptable use policy for the information management system.

The 171Comply Ethics Policy


The purpose of the Eithics Policy in the System Security Plan is to establish a culture of responsibility, respect, faierness, and professionalism. These behaviors are vital in developig an organization that is mature and is cyber-aware.

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CMMC Level 1 Playbook
& Cyber Alert
Subscription Bundle

Accelerate your CMMC compliance journey:

In addition to CMMC system security plans (SSP), policy templates, worksheets, and outlines, 171Comply provides consulting services that guide companies toward CMMC compliance from Level 1 to Level 3, saving businesses of every size time and money.

The 171Comply Subscription service provides compliance tools, information about training venues, and steps to raise situational awareness, including:   

      • the Level 1 Playbook, outlining the requirements for CMMC Level 1, actions to take and avoid, and recommendations for demonstrating compliance
      • one hour of CMMC Level 1 support to accompany the Playbook download  
      • sample policies focused on acceptable use, ethics, and demonstration of practice and process institutionalization 
      • bi-weekly CyberAlerts that provide situational awareness and tips on defensive measures to ensure system security 
      • information on training venues, cost capture, and institutionalization and sustainment tools  
      • reduced rates for consultation beyond the scope of the subscription 

The greatest cost for CMMC compliance is not the achievement of compliance certification; it is the practice of institutionalization and sustainment. Your 171Comply Subscription helps reduce such costs by providing compliance tools and guidance on cost capture and management of practice institutionalization and sustainment. 

This bundle includes a 171Comply Premium Membership. Keep up to date on Cyber Security news and best practices.

CMMC Level 1 Playbook Download 

Federal contract information (FCI) plus one hour of consulting:

Nearly two-thirds of the Defense Industrial Base (approximately 300,000 companies) will need to be certified at CMMC Level 1 which focuses on safeguarding federal contract information (FCI). The 17 compliance requirements of Level 1 are derived from the 15 required controls for all federal contracts, FAR 52.204-21.

Federal contractors should be in compliance with these requirements now.

The 171Comply Level 1 Playbook assists companies that can meet these requirements on their own, providing valuable steps for achieving compliance, identifying hazards to avoid, and suggesting artifacts of institutionalized compliance required by assessors at all CMMC levels.

Federal contractors must prove they are meeting CMMC requirements.

This download includes a 171Comply Premium Membership. Keep up to date on Cyber Security news and best practices.

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